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Aliza is in a binding situation, literally! With her breasts constricted, wearing her brother's loose clothing, and dropping her voice to the lowest level, she's attending Ascham, an all boy's school! If that's not enough, throw in an extremely hot roommate, who suspects Aliza, aka Alex, of not being exactly what "he" appears to be and you have the start of a chaotic relationship-if you can even call it that.

Jackie and Ryker are undeniably in love, but once those words are spoken Jackie feels trapped and panics. Ryker is trying to win her back in anyway he can, but who knows if they will ever be able to be truly happy. Seems like life makes things hard.

No Synopsis

Angelina is a 300 something year old vampire who is bored to death. Literally. Then she meets someone. Who changes her life forever. Not necessarily in a good way. Can she tirn things around before its too late? Or will she suffer the same fate as the last time...

Evett Castillo finds herself working for one of the most handsome bachelors in England. The only problem though is the fact that he takes pride in making her life a living hell.

It's about a girl that has an obsession with vampires. && she wants to find a vampire, and get him to fall in love with her, so that he will tell her his biggest secret, that no humans must not know - that vampire are true and not fairytales. She is willing to do anything to make-sure that people know that their are vampires roaming the world. She want's power, to become a celb and most of all she wants money, but not her parents money, she wants to work for it. She finally finds a vampire and things start to change. She falls despratly in love with him. && him, her. But can she carry out her plan is she loves him? So what should she pick, Love or Fortune?


Adora is a Halfling. With the blood of a shifter and witch running through her veins, she finds herself not welcomed in her village. Now on the run, she finds herself in the falling for the shifter Prince who that happens to rule over the Kingdom of the west. Seeing that he's looking for a mate and she has no place to go, what will happen between the two?


Since their blowout, Amber has ceased all contact with her cousin Jake. But a turn of events end her up in Norway with him and their friends. Will there be love in the air? Will the predicted storm roll in? And will the cousins ever make up? A chain of events and time will tell...

What's up with Izzy? Will has reccently noticed a few changes with her. She's acting differently, she's dressing differently, she's being quiet and she's not eating.Will knows that there's something bothering her and it's up to Will and Izzy's to find out.

Exotic. Smart. Lethal. Night doesn't live the life of a normal teenager. Hers is full of intrigue, violence, and death. Some people want to change the world. This sixteen year-old girl can. Shes one of the top agents in her organization, UB, which is better known as the "second United Nations". Her mission this time? To prevent the kidnapping of Jayden Burnsworth, heir to the Burnsworth financial kingdom. One of the best agents in the world is becoming a babysitter. What is going on?

Four Individual Paths. Four Unexpected People. Four lives that changed forever.
Crossing Paths follows the story of the four and the sharp and narrow, twisted turns that their lives take and the events that cause their paths to cross.After August 6th, 1945 elizabeths life took a sweltering plunge into the darkness and a new arrival brings her closer to the world of the supernatural.
One girl. A lover
One boy. A brother and yet another.

Jezebel has a crush, but nobody notices her with her comfy, baggy clothes style an geeky glasses. When she's crushed by her crush of four years, Jez takes a vacation away from all the stress then returns home. That's when things get very complicated.


Dark Academy:
Alyssa is a girl who has never really fit in anywhere. When she finds out she is a Night Slayer, she feels she has finally found the one place she belongs. Now at the Dark Academy, she must survive friendships, betrayals, romance, and the Demon parasite that threatens to overrun the world.

2013 is a world that knows the existence of Deities and the creatures who reside in their world. The human’s world is a world filled with tension and mistrust, a world on the brink of war. Only the Deities and those humans who choose to stand alongside them can stop it.
In book 1 follow the story of Ella, a half-breed Dragon brought up by witches and Casper a vampire rally alongside Deity in the hope to save it from extinction.

Anna Ross is a alonely teenage girl with a normal life, despite having great sisters and friends. Shes' always wanted something or someone more. On her 17th birthday she gets an visit from a Mystery Guy telling her she's his and always will be. After a turn of events, Anna is heartbroken with the having to pick between her normal life or being with her mystery lover...... her chose ending in destruction and sorrow. 

As Gaby starts her Junior year in highschool she is confronted with her past. She is only just turned 17 but she has dealt with so much in her life that she has to know face her biggest one. Will she go back to her old boyfriend Eric who her family has arranged to marry a few years ago. Or will she stay with her current boyfriend and the guy she thinks in the love of her life. She finally has to confront her past and everyone she left behind. The resason she left it all is still a mystery to everyone else except her and her sister Marcia but confronting it is not easy, will she fight for the guy she loves or just agree with her parents and marry Eric before her 18 birthday?


A girl with a hard life, who shuts people out, is forced into a marriage. And shes only 17. Moving thousands of miles away to live with her 'hubby' things get complicated. The guy seems cocky, hormonal, and just an overall jerk; but maybe he's hiding the past from the girl too. They're in reality the perfect couple. But certain people have the exact oppisite thoughts.
A story of romance...truth...passion...trusting...wanting...and overall secrets that you thought never existed. 


Abigail Benstone is the IT girl at her school. The problem is, she keeps rejecting the other IT guy, Zack. Her BFF, Jess is falling head over heels for Zack, who happens to get suspicious when out of anger, Abi pulls a daggar and gun on him. Ben is a freshman geek with quite a sad history, who tutors Abi. Abi has never liked a guy before, even though she went out with a bunch. Then she starts to realize that unlike others guys, Ben has had his share of misery, and she likes him even more. The question is; Will she sacrifice her secrets for a nonexsisting love?

Ria has had a hard life. Her parents died when she was just 8 years old and she witnessed her Aunts murder on her 16th birthday. Ria is now 18 and going off to live with her brother in California. College starts in 2 months and all Ria can think about is a mystery singer from the park and Marion; her new room mate and her brothers best friend. As if life isn't complicated enough, she receives an anonymous call from a man who asks her and her brother, Noe to visit him in Spain; stating he knew her parents. What secrets will she discover about her family? And what future are she and her brother destined?


adrianna i a seer. maybe in this age its a cool thing to see the future but in her time it definitely wasn't. now her jerk of a father wants her to go to court and act as a MAN. live gets harder by the day. but will she cope?


A regular Dhampir, headed out to a regular school, filled with regular people in it. But after a series of happenings, Vivian realizes that nothing is regular. What is she? What’s the school for, and lastly, what secrets are hidden in the school?
What can she do to save herself, and protect the others?

Regan has spent high school as a nobody. but when she comes back senior year nobody recognizes her, everyone thinks she is a new hot girl. this new identity seems to also be giving her a wild attitude. hopefully somebody will save her from herself.

Prude, naive Kimberlyn Raquel Young is a 15 year old orphan who goes to live with her rude aunt and pushover uncle. She makes friends with the 'gay' guy of the school. She is soon called the school slut because of some MAJOR misunderstandings. Her best friend is secretly in love with her, and what is with the resident manwhore?


A fifteen yr old,her parents got killed right in front of her when she was five she loved them and when her parents died her mom said one word bfere she died john smith now Daniella is fifteen and lives in a ophange but she is really rich and she happens 2 be a vampire but doesnt know it

Brandon has gotten dragged up into a party, that will mostly change his life, is love being handed to him in a lovely silver panel? All is in trial, for what comes over, if Bryan can make him feel such things, possibility enlarges on their possible love, and happily ever after.

 Laila Foxx had never given a second thought to the world of the supernatural. But one visit from vampires turns her whole world upside down. She's soon travelling across the ocean to help free her younger sister, Aaliya from the clutches of these "menacing" creatures. However, destiny has something else in store for Laila. This one trip offers Laila a whole new life to choose from. Now, Laila has choices to make before she forgets who she really is.
Will Laila be able to leave everything behind for chance with her Romeo or will she have to struggle to make it out alive?

A 18 year old Gorgian girl moves to the U.S for a top secret mission to get a really bad guy that has been selling illegal weopons, drugs, etc. all around the world. This guy is also 18. The girl has to go to his high school and try to seduce him to get some answers/evidence but will the plan fail if she developes feelings for him?????

Kira's lifes a mess she trys to be something shes not only for things to backfire. Where will life lead her and will an unfortunate event shape the rest of her life.

Kali Corman had always been a quiet girl, but when her somewhat odd parents move her to a small town, and strange things happen during only the first night, Kali finds that sometimes a girls fantasy isn't that great in reality... Can Kali figure her new life out? And how will she cope with jace, the guy who she thinks is nice until he does the most unimaginable things!

When Bop Parker wakes up the morning after a wild night stark naked in her bed, she had yet to realise she had just become....friendly with the Presidents son. Only when she leaves her house to find a limo waiting outside did she discover what she had let herself in for. Schemes, cons, romance and loads of sexual tension.

Sam woke up with a weird dream of a man...but as she talks to her bestfriend,she founds out that it really did happened! then the guy shows up and claiming a lot of things! but why cant she remember it?! and why does this guy seems to be weird in a sense that it's pulling it her closer to him?

Sunny Summers is a normal girl. If you don’t count being the leader of a elite group of magical warriors, being the princess of the Underworld, having a ton more magic than she should, and saving the world. Yep, if you don’t count that she’s just your average girl.
A saving the world kind of story, with magic.  


Jenna is just a normal girl, who was in love with a boy when she was eight but, a Tragic accident removed all memory of him. Now shes found out she has a brother she never knew she had. When she goes to live with him she finds more than she bagained for. Her brothers Five incredibly gorgeous best friends. Little does she know, that same boy is one of them. will she remember him in time, or let one of the other boys sweep her off her feet, and can she do it with the boy that broker her heart in the picture? This story if filled with humor, love and gorgeous boys everywhere!


The 24th chromosome has finally been molded to an elite group of teenagers giving them super strength, speed, sight, smell and many more. Grace has been training for six months to one day enter the war that has taken over the world. But she gets sold to an elite company that has other plans for her and she finds herself "Connected" to her worst fear: Kallum the beautiful teacher that she had to stay away from. She knows he will break her heart one day but she can't seem to stay away from him. What is this connection and what will she one day have to battle?

Scarlett, on a normal midnight breath out, gets kidnapped to a vampire, and then give as a peace offer to another, is it destiny for her to taken into this other world.
The answer is yes.
Will it be soon that the prophecy will come true, and the two kingdoms of the vampire world fight for the love of the one who beholds such great power to destroy yet create this world into peace or pure destruction.Will it be her heart that makes both world stay at peace, or will it be just chaos and destruction, for both human and vampire worlds? Luke or Damon?

Kidnapping Mister Hottie.
Sam, an orphan girl, gets caught up in a gang of Mexican thugs, she has never known much of her old life, but when she met them, they immediately grew a brotherly bond with her, well some of them did, Pepe, Nacho, Bernardo, Fransisco, Pedro, Luis, and Ricardo, are like her only family now, being around them was her form of becoming a stronger 'her', which she empowered on becoming a very strong girl, she later on knew what her 'brothers' worked on, and quickly became part of the gangs working girl, the only girl in the gang, they used guns for their missions, but somehow they never wanted her to kill herself by accident with one, so they got her the realest looking plastic gun they could find, ovbiously she wasn't satisfied, but found it cool that it would throw out little prickles of water when she pulled on the trigger.
The day of her third ever mission is when her hormones got the best of her, she had done this not too long, and still wasn't experienced, for their missions they had code names, just prematurely their favorite ones or just something they thought was cool, on that mission the guys decided to let Sam have the choice on who would be the new victim; getting up with the vibe of the moment, she picked the first hot guy she laid her eyes on, luckily for her, it was the best choice she ever made. 


At the tender age of five, she claims to see a man who she called her guardian angel. Now Felicia, sixteen and broken, is trapped in a highly secured mental hospital. What will happen when the angel turns out to be real? And what if this angel wasn’t truly what it seemed?

Liz is a fresh grade 11 student living in Ottawa, Canada, where she has been living most of her life. She has a best friend named Kenny, and a lot of secrets. She has long blonde hair, and usually wears baggy clothes. No one knows the real her, and she really wants to keep it this way. But things suddenly change when her parents make a huge life change for her, earlier than she was expecting.

Janice Lewinski? Sara Thompson? Who am I?
What happens when I girl decides to take a walk out in the woods one night just to get away from the world for awhile? What happens when she sees something in the woods that no one was ever meant to see? A story of life and death, love and fear, Jake and Collin. What one girl has to do to not only save her life, but also save the life of the guy she's still in love with, the guy that broke her heart.
Find out the circumstances under which Meg and Janice’s life long friendship came to an abrupt end, why Jake broke up with Janice, why Janice had to leave, or even why Janice became Sara. But the most important question is what did Janice see in the woods that night 2 years ago and how can she stop it from happening again?


Michelle is a very beautiful 17-year-old. No wonder twin brothers are fighting over her. When it all comes down to her choice, who will she pick? Mark? Or Maxwell?

Maybe running away wasn't such a good idea:         Nova is tired of living in the palace and her father lets her live 5 months out of the palace. then her cousin came and live with her,so did 2 more guys. One of them catches her attention. He's just like any other guy but the things he likes and enjoy about are completely different and strange. Nova guesses that she is just like him,not from 'their' world. as Nova gets closer to him,they slowly fall in love and Nova helps him to find out who he really is.

Eliza's mum has bashed her, her mum now in prison and she was no longer living with her father, she lives with her uncle and goes to school with a guy she had been in love with for forever, everyone use to know her as Ellie, but know shes Eliza and no one remembers her. She finally gets with the guy, but will things spiral out of control when someone finds out her true identity?

Miya, a now discrete Time Traveler, is having a hard time going through life right now.  
Not only is this a stressful time in which she is having to go through divorce with her ex-husband, but she can never seem to forget about the recent events which have played such a huge part in her current life. Hiding from everyone she cares about, while trying to adapt to the newly developing powers she is discovering, she is under-going the most powerful annoyance any woman can come across; coming of age.
Miya's appearence may still pass her as a fresh twenty-three year old, but under her forever staying features, she has actually been on earth for more than 47 years.

He has a twisted sense of humor and he hates my hair colour. He feeds me chokoberries just so he can kiss me and taste them from my mouth. The bastard is my Master. 
Alston. The atrocious Fae. 
She has the ugliest hair he has ever seen and does not appreciate his amazing sense of humor. She loses her temper and her sharp tongue can outrun any Fae he has ever known. The urchin is my servant. 
Méav. The raven haired ecce.

Ash is no ordinary teenage girl, she is a spy for the goverment who is currently on a mission. Her math teacher literally is her enemy only he doesn't know it. The government send in Adrian to help her but will she end up falling for him or will she turn against him, only time can tell. [Sequel: Too good to be true]


 Anjelita La'Gatzi, 18 year old girl at a local human school, a normal demon vampire with a normal demon vampire life in the home of the DVMC Academy. Daily routine consists of getting a mission and killing the demon, but when a fight breaks out, black sparkle dust is left behind for Anjelita to discover. As she analyzes the mysterious dust, she is now forever tied to the war of the supernatural.

Cecilia Sophie was meant to marry a man she never met by her forceful parents, but that was the last straw. In the late of night she manages to run away from her home in hope of finding the freedom she longed for. Unfortunately though, that was the day when she realized some things aren't meant to be.

A girl, brutally tortured after failing in a mission that almost claimed her life. But then she seeks revenge; her purpose was made stronger by the torment she went through. Hating him was the only reason left, for her to continue surviving the humiliation she felt in her memories. But would it be such an easy task?


Lacy Falcon is a vampire. A half vampire so to speak. She was turned into a half-ling one night when she and her best friend Valen where at a party. Now knowing what she is, she's out for revenge against the one who has turned her, but will happen when her best friend Valen, her secret love gets involved? And what if he's not as human as she once thought?

A girl named Leila-Rose (Leila) moves from Montana to Californai with her brother and adopted sister so that she can follow her dream of being an actress and starting a band with her sister. But one thing that makes her different from other girls is that she has never kissed a guy. When she meets arrongant Andre, sparks fall but they hate each other. Will Leila ever kiss a guy? and who?

Have you ever felt that you life couldn’t get any better. Well Natalie Roysen though so too. But when her world comes crashing down on her, well…. she doesn’t’ think so anymore. When she dumps her boyfriend, moves to a new town and leaves everything behind all is well. But what will happen when she comes back.
Same town. Same school. Same friends. But some things have changed. For better or for worse?
Natalie will have to find out. 


A nice sincere girl was a popular and wonderful until that fateful full day where she had to move with her aunt and decides one of the maids make her ugly, for this girl wants true friends. Will she ever get them and what will happen to this friendship the longer they are together?


No Synopsis


A hunter and noble, Bethany vowed she'd never love a vampire. Yet, with war in the air and her kingdom being threaten, she is sent off to wed the vampire prince. Trying to run away, she seeks comfort with her childhood friend, Felix. The only problem though is that fact that Felix has a little secret…and she might not like it…

Lacey is a university student from Buckinghamshire whose just moved to London with best friend Tammy. They’re shacked up in a pokey flat with the boyish Jack and the possibly gay Andrew. On a drunken night out Lacey meets George and ends up in his bed the next morning, naked. She can’t remember anything that happened and sets out to find the truth –the big question being whether or not she lost her virginity to this stranger. But, George seems intent on making things difficult for her. She battles with embarrassing situations, unknown emotions and George’s roommates before finally finding the truth. She’d always thought that as soon as he told her that’d be it, she’d never see him again. But now that’s the case can she resist his cocky charm and softer side? Or will her stubborn nature stand in the way of true love?

A girl named Serena Johnson with a mysterious past comes to Richardson High. Within a week she manages to capture all the guys' hearts, but will her secret get in the way? Who will she choose? On top of that, she and one of the guys will be working VERY CLOSELY together. Sounds good, right? Well, nothing is what it seems in Richardson High.


Eli's life has been turned into a whole loop sided effect, since the day of her dad's 'death', her abusive mother didn't make her early developing life any better, but when things twist up, and she changes from the worst to better, comes along Ryan, that only has best to hope, for his love to her, is greater than she thinks. Will she understand before it's too late?

Life is an empty shell if there is no one there beside you to share it with. Celest knows that all too well. After overhearing her fiancé making love with her step-sister, she shatters. Her quiet reserve is pushed aside to let out a torrent of emotions that have been boiling for the past years. 
In an attempt to distance herself from all those who belittle her, she decides to take a long trip to South America. She finds herself taking a flight to Margarita Island with one other lone passenger on the plane. 
Too bad life doesn’t always work out as planned.
Gillian has too much stress on her plate. She's trying to pay all the bills to make her mom and brother happy by stripping. But things get even more complicated when she's blackmailed. On top of all this, she has a new house member who isn't what he seems to be.

Its summer, just a few days before school as Brea explores her new home. Just behind her new house resides an a group of old oaks where the trees have intertwine in an intricate pattern, one that strangely resembles a gate. It seems Summerlyn is holding a secret, and now Brea is finding herself surrounded by creatures that she once thought were merely fairy tales. Things are no longer what they seem...


Teenage Drama in My Life, Vampire Style:

Sienna's life is turned upside down when she finds out she's a vampire with a soulmate. It doesn't help that her soulmate is King of the ITs and supreme player of the school. What happens when her brother comes home, her mother returns from the dead and her own soulmate betrays and kills her?

(Soul Searcher's Series)
15 year old Raine Heven is an out of this world, lost in her dreams with her head in the clouds type of girl. She knows shes special, she just doesn't how until the day a mysterious crow shows up at her window, bringing along another lurking danger. Raine Heven is a Soul Sharer, a blood relative to the human that was bewitched in a spell, given the ability to share souls with the soulless. The soulless are known to humans as vampires, but given the soul they would gain complete immortality. Some want this to get over the bloodlust, the killings required to remain alive. Others want it for darker purposes. So Raine's world is thrown into chaos, compacted with live threatening choices, love,and the struggle of remaining soulful.

Basically, its a story about a woman who has premonitions (dreams at night), that always come true.

She's one of the few with the power of the ancient goddess of destruction flowing through her veins. He's one of the few with the rival blood of the goddess of peace. Both are to either to help or bring chaos to the world, but will it be blinded when these two with a fire and water relationship fall for each other? One could hope it will not end in a tragedy.

When Eve's enemy Matt (a.k.a Golden boy) offers her £5,000 to date him for a week little did she know what events would unfold. A love triange, her best friends hottie brother and suspicious events circling around Matt's best friend Kyle all become part of Eves everyday life. Who knew accepting a bet could add up to all this?

Kayla Newton has it all, queen bee, cheer leader, everyone wants to be her. But the past that she's tried to run from is catching up with her, fast. And she is slowly wondering if she even knows who she is. Will the queen bee find herself, and love in the process?

Sequel to 'My teacher is my archnemisis' check out that story first if you want to read this one.

As Taylor begins her first year at university all she can think about is a fresh start and time away from her annoying brothers but when an unexpected face from the past shows up in the form of Thomas, secrets she would rather kept hidden are finally let out of the bag. After that big event 2 years ago she has pushed everyone away and now at the prospect of a potential romance can Taylor finally stop hiding? With a little game of truth or dare nothing is impossible. (Yeah I just made this up right now so apologies for crappiness lol) Warning there is one scene that is ...well its sexy time as my friend would say lol.



Macy Loves Jaidon and Jaidon loves Macy but Kaia loves Jaidon's status and his money.
So it kind of unravels further through. What Happen's When You Love Two Guys:
Welcome to a typical teenager's life. Katlyn is in love with her best friend Ben, but he doesn't love her back... or so she thinks. What happens when Ben finds out? And what will Katlyn do when she falls for the boy she hates the most? Could that be jealousy Ben's feeling? But who can blame him; nobody expected Katlyn to fall for a dumb jock. But now Katlyn's stuck. Who will she choose? Ben? Gabriel? Or maybe neither? Where will her choices lead her? Who knows. The possiblities are endless. She's just a teenager hopelessly lost in love.


It's only been months since she watched her family get killed by the Russian mafia, kidnapped, starved, and raped. after getting rescued by a family friend, she tries to have a normal life, going to school, driving, ect. all she has ledt is her brother and boerman, Damien. going to school, she meets Zeke, who has a dangerous vibe, and has an equally dangerous secret. he and his brothers try to figure out her past and find some surprising secrets. the mafia is out to get her, she has nightly nightmares, and has boy problems. she makes some not-wanted enemies at school, and barley holds onto sanity.

My life has never been easy. With my abuse step-father and drug addict mother, how could it be? Then there's school. It's my escape but at the same time I have no friends. Everyone thinks I'm wierd, and I guess wearing winter clothes in the summer might be why. But not having friends makes hiding the truth easier. However, all this changes when a new student notices me...

Mary-Anne has never fit in her school, but when she makes friends with the new girl, will that change? And will she also get 'lovey-dovey' with Aaron Sirus, her best friend's, John Minger's, best pal? Also, does Carolin have a secret past that may come back to haunt her? Will her brother stop with his idiotic bets!?!



 Cora is kidnapped from reality and ends up in a world she knows nothing about. Can she fit in and help out or will she fail and be kicked out or worse.

When the Prince of Darkness (Joseph) claims her soul, Glory doesn't have a clue what's going on. Will she be a 'pet' for the rest of eternity? Will Joseph get some dry pants? Is Johanson falling for Glory? Is Javier forming an evil plot? Why do so many of the character names start with J? Will you ever find out what the heck it is I'm talking about? read to find out.