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How to make a folder for chapters on wattpad?

Hi guys, I have been getting lots of emails and messages on my wattpad account from people asking me how to make chapters on wattpad.

To make chapters on wattpad you have to make a story group.

Step One: Make sure you have at least one chapter for the story you need to create a folder to hold your chapters for.

Step Two: At the top of the wattpad page, on the very right hand side it should say something like "Hi [Your Username]". Hover over those words and it should open some links. Click the second last link which is called, "Your Story Groups."

Step Three: Once the page opens, there should be a link called, "Create New Story Group."

Step Four: From the Available section, click on the Story you want to create chapters for.

Step Five: In the middle there should be a << sign. Click that and the First Chapter should now be transferred to the left side of the chart.

Step Six: Give the Story a Title and hit save.

In the future, whenever you upload a new chapter you can add it to the story group you created on the page where you are given the option to name your story and add tags to it.

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April 09, 2010

When are you going to upload 'Survival Guide' and Mr. Holier than Thou?? I've missed reading them! =)

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