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79 Response to Submit Your Story

March 14, 2010

Dark Academy


Alyssa is a girl who has never really fit in anywhere. When she finds out she is a Night Slayer, she feels she has finally found the one place she belongs. Now at the Dark Academy, she must survive friendships, betrayals, romance, and the Demon parasite that threatens to overrun the world.

Romance, Fantasy, Mystery

March 14, 2010

A Life Worth Living


Jackie and Ryker are undeniably in love, but once those words are spoken Jackie feels trapped and panics. Ryker is trying to win her back in anyway he can, but who knows if they will ever be able to be truly happy. Seems like life makes things hard.


March 14, 2010

How Did I Become the School Slut?


Regan has spent high school as a nobody. but when she comes back senior year nobody recognizes her, everyone thinks she is a new hot girl. this new identity seems to also be giving her a wild attitude. hopefully somebody will save her from herself.

Romance, Humor

March 14, 2010



In the year 2056 a monster was found. Buried deep within the earth since the world was created, it is now alive and is out for revenge. The Guard, the only front to destory the Being stumbles upon secrets in which the Being was created...can they help destory the Being or will they loose unto which the earth will be no more?

Sci-Fi, Adventure

March 15, 2010

all stories submitted up till this point have been cataloged :]

March 16, 2010

life is complicated - http://www.wattpad.com/334990-life-is-complicated

a unique story of a unique girl

GENRE - Romance, Fantasy

March 16, 2010

why is there no option to use my my blog log profile as my wattpad profile

March 19, 2010

Tattoo of the Black Angel


Tara Young was a normal girl at University until she was implanted with nano-technology by the T.A.T (Tattoo of Aeriel Technology). Now, when Tara gets angry black wings erupt out of her back...but what's the reason for them? Will Tara have her life back? Or will she discover something from the T.A.T? Find out in Tatto of the Black Angel!

Genre- Fantasy, Action

March 21, 2010

Mechanical Angels

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/342990-mechanical-angels-prologue

Summary: In this society the Angel's of Tech are the governors and help maintain order. If human's get out of line, the mechanical angels set them straight. Many wish they can be in the wonderful guard, but when they have their sights on Natasha Wilson for finding out that they have been brain washing her people, she soon realizes that these mechanical angel's may not be as perfect as they seem.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Si-Fi

March 24, 2010

El Casa De la Vega

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/283018-el-casa-de-la-vega-1

Summary: Althea is the ugly duckling in her family. She lives her life in the shadow of her older siblings and is often ignored. All this changes however when Aunt Mary comes to visit. The De la Vega family will never be the same again.

Genre: Romance, Mystery

March 29, 2010

Call me a player , but I think the more polite term is Male Escort


Meet Rose , Josh , Hannah and Luke they are Quadruplets .just starting at new school , these 4 are known heart breakers . Breaking anyone's heart just for a fun and it doesn't help that they bet among each other to see who can break the most . But what will happen when they go up against one of the most notorious and infamous player of all time . Who will win?

Romance Humor│

March 30, 2010

Title: Killing The Silenced

Summary :Most would want a life of wealth. Marcie didn't. All she wanted was to just spend time with her dad and be normal. Yet, when he finally arrived home from a business trip she's suddenly kidnapped by an assassin who has a twisted sense of humor. Now forced to travel with this man, she silently wondered if a life of wealth was much safer than just wishing to be normal.

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/348787-killing-the-silenced-0-the-assassin

Genre: Romance, Horror, adventure

March 30, 2010

Title: Am I Ever Going to Be Happy Permanently?

Summary: Ana's a senior in high school. Her best friend Amira is like the wise sister she never had, and she's down for her through whatever. Her boyfriend Raheem is the best. He's so perfect that Ana just knows somethings going to go wrong... something already has though, but Raheem is there to take his responsibility in it. Everything goes cool and then something bad always has to happen, it's just the cycle of her life. Will it ever stop? Read to find out.

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/351535-am-i-ever-going-to-be-happy-permanently-beginning

Genre: Romance, Teen, Drama

April 13, 2010

Die before Death - Just left with scars


I didn’t know where I was going. I just had to get away from that place; I had to erase the memories from my mind. There was no point in crying or screaming, there was no point in anything. I wanted to go away.
I couldn’t walk anymore, so I grabbed the nearest tree and slowly eased myself to the ground. No one knew where I was, no one cared why I wasn’t back. There was no one.
I was sold; I was used and now discarded, like a piece of trash. I was alone, in the middle of nowhere, and I wanted to stay there forever. And it was cold.

romance, fantasy, mystery

April 13, 2010

Story Title: Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/264388-kidnaped-beat-and-now-a-slave-first-of-chapter-1

Summary: This story is about a girl who is a slave to a vampire. All Crystal's life was beatings and pleasing however her master was, Crimson was her master ever since he took her from her home 2 years ago. Rarely was Crystal full, unharmed, and warm and when she was it was because HE needed her to do something unpleasent with one of his friends. Her life is a captivating nightmare filled to the brim with creatres of the night.

Gener: Fantasy Horror

April 14, 2010

There's Something About His Smile

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/357662-there%27s-something-about-his-smile

Summary: Riley Jae and Kian were best friends, maybe more when they were younger until, Kian moved and their friendship ended. Years later, they meet again this time they fall in love, with loads of drama attached.

Genre: Romance

April 16, 2010

The Pact

link: http://ceciliamouta.blogspot.com/
PS: this is the link of the blog to divulge my book.

Summary of the book:Alice is a beautiful and attractive woman who lived in a small village in the nineteenth century. But she had a serious imperfection: she wishes her sister Elizabeth's husband. Because of his envy, when discover her sister's pregnant, Alice delivers his soul into a covenant that, without knowing it would bring a course to humanity. After two centuries, the harm caused by Alice still reings. It is with this harm that the biologists of a company will have to deal while making a trip to a village inside a forest in the middle of nowhere. Arriving there, they discover a local legend that until then seemed only a legend, but events prove that the devil was closer than they imagine. In the middle of brutals murders and complete panic, the villagers try to figured out who is the person who owns the devil's son inside you and when they find out, how to kill the one who is considered immortal?

Genre: horror

PS: visit my blog and coment. Leave your opinion and help me with my book. I'll post fragments os my book there.

April 24, 2010


Link: http://www.wattpad.com/364947-cyleena

Summary: Cyleena is troubled teenager whos looked after her little sister, ever since her dad died and her mum became an acoholic. When they both end up in care, and Caitlin goes to stay with a relative. She wants to be Caitlin's gaurdian. So Cyleena has 6 months to prove she capable of looking after her sister. Along the way she meets Ryan.

Genre: Romance

April 28, 2010

The Richardson List

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/378046-the-richardson-list

Summary: It was only a name, a boy, but he was certainly much more then that. Because when he came to Carter's school he brought The Richardson List. Now it's the numbers and your rating, tears and smiles. So you'd better update that wardrobe and cake on the make up because nobody's safe from The Richardson List

Genre: Drama, Romance.

May 02, 2010

TITLE: "Arranged Homosexuality: Boy Meets Boy"

LINK TO YOUR STORY: http://www.wattpad.com/379353-arranged-homosexuality-boy-meets-boy

SUMMARY: Cole is your average boy, except that he has an overbearing father in politics, a cold hearted mother, a twin sister, attends a private school, and is now in an arranged marriage to another boy. Alright, maybe Cole isnt so average.
After learning that his father has basically 'sold' him for political sway Cole is furious, and hell-bent on making both him and his fiance's fathers sorry for the ill-arranged pairing. But that was before he got a good look at his soon to be husband Kain...

In a plot riddled with sarcasm, witty innuendo, political games, and the occasional backstab, how can anyone expect a happy marriage?

GENRE: Romance/Humor

May 02, 2010

TITLE: "Please, No More Bullsh*t Happy Endings."

LINK: http://www.wattpad.com/386239-please-no-more-bullsh%2At-happy-endings-short-story

What is currently starting as a short story may grow into more...
But Alexadra Rain is an everyday bookworm. She reads constantly, but as such has become bored of the same basic story over and over. She knows she'll be dissappointed with any book she buys, because every book ends the same way and yet she keeps them. She has an entire library of books she has only ever read once and has put on a shelf to be forgotten.

Does she secretly wish life were like her books? Does she keep them around in hopes of finding a one of a kind happy ending? Only a psychiatrist would know the answers to that...

But her life is about to take a turn she never expected. A turn like this will make her question everything she knows about the literature she surrounds herself with... it could even change her life...

May 10, 2010

Girlfriend--Sister, Boyfriend--Brother


Shaiden Marlaway better known as Aiden is a junior in high school who has just moved to a new city and enrolled into a new school. Unfortunately with the new move she's lost her girlfriend and must now deal with all the girls AND boys asking her out. Shaiden is thrown into a whirlwind of problems and seems to always be saved by Jordien, Shaiden's ex-girlfriend's brother who is attending the local University. Only thing is the two can't stand each others presence. Follow Shaiden through all the troubles of being a bisexual teenager in the Midwest. Watch her fall in and out of love, make and break friendships, and deal with family and school as she figures out who she truly is.


May 21, 2010

Mysterious Girl


Kansas Falls has been madly in love with Marc Jones ever since she saw him. The only downfall is that she's a typical geek, and he doesn't know she exists. Her luck all changes when she gets invited to masked party. That's when her gorgeous best friend decides enough is enough and gives her a makover. She turns heads, including Marc's. To Kansas amazement, they get to know each other. Then she leaves the party, leaving Marc wondering who she is. This is his search for the mysterious girl.

Mystery, Romance

May 21, 2010

The worst month of my life


Teen book connected with Kidulthood and Adulthood, Che'nelle, 16 goes through a lot in 1 month, check it out and you'll see what happens :)

Teen, Romance, Daily life, action, adventure

June 16, 2010

That Magnetic Pull


With an internship at a major advertisement company, Analynn didn't expect a certain hockey player to become a major part of her summer. From personal experience, she knows that a relationship with any athlete, let alone with one of Chicago's well-known ones, is never exactly a walk in the park. Patrick Sharp is, plainly said, interested in changing her mind. Will he be able to earn her trust or will Analynn's initial instincts to put her guard up be proven right?

Genre: Romance

June 25, 2010

Title: Destiny's child


Summary: Elmira is just an ordinary teen dealing with the usual drama. Then she discovers a secret that changes her life forever. Now she has to find herself and fullfill her destiny. A lot of people are depending on her.

Genre: Romance, drama, mystery

June 28, 2010

Hey there :)

Title: Loathing Little Miss Perfect
"Sibling rivalry never has been this intense.."
Link: http://www.wattpad.com/455217-loathing-little-miss-perfect
Summary: Alyssa arrives into the home of her father that she never really knew, she is stuck with her half-sister, Hope, who shows utter bitterness to Alyssa but together they are wrapped in family secrets and share many experiences together.
Genre: Teen romance/Drama

I have poems if you're interested. Thanks~

July 10, 2010

Title: Jungle Fever

Summary:Odessa Smith, amateur model and odessed fan of Mace Maxwell,is living the dream when her agent she's going to a casting call featuring Mace Maxwell. But when she meets him she realizes he's not exactly what she expected. Too bad because it's too late now, they're both stranded on a island with each other as their only companions.

Genre: Teen Romance Mystery

Link: www.wattpad.com/282331-jungle-fever

July 10, 2010

Title: Top Hotties ~A GWG Novel~

Summary: Salina Rodrigeuz just moved from Mexico to Brooklyn, New York and the change becomes that much harder when she meets Jasmine Jefferies, Queen Bee. Jasmine seems nice enough, but when she finds out that Salina has been secretly dating Kevin, her bestfriend, thing become hectic. Senior year arrives and things get worse when Kevin returns to Brooklyn and an old friend is forced to live with Salina.

Genre: Teen Drama Romance

Link: www.wattpad.com/483362-top-hotties-~a-gwg-novel~

July 23, 2010

Behind The Broken Glass


Alice is the girl that hides behind her self and doesnt care what others think of her. Though her family problems and lack of trust make her have conflicts in life including letting herself fall in love with Cam the guy who has a past no one could ever expect.

Its a romance

August 01, 2010

Internal Battle - A Demon and Angel Story


Cameron's just a average teen...that is, until a certain netball game when she absolutely loses it at a girl. She throws a punch and moments later forgets. Her bestfriend, Mason, thinks she's gone bi-polar. Then she gets home and a creepy man offers a deal she can't resist, to coach her very own team. Mason objects though he knows that it's Cam's life goal to coach a team. So why? Does it have something to do with Apollyon, the man with a demonic name?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Possessive: A Supernatural Romance


Ever had a possessive boyfriend? Phoebe O'Kelly has, though not quite the same as what some girls have. She has a lot of guys wanting to be her Shifter mate. The more guys, the more possessive they seem to get. Why? Well she's next in line for the leadership of the Cairns pack, that's one thing. And throw in smart and pretty? That's just spelling trouble.

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Thanks heaps!

P.s. I have poems as well titled under "A Depressing Tale of Emotions", i think the title says all?

August 19, 2010

Title: The Birds, the Bees and Everything in Between

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/486509-the-birds-the-bees-and-everything-in-between-on

Summary: Ruby is a girl by bipolar
She's strong and prides herself on her success and friends. But this all ends on the night of Wilma Irving's party.
Soon, Ruby starts loosing everything she holds dear all because of a secret she can't find it in herself to remember.
But there's someone who she thinks can help her remember. Who she'd tell this secret to.
Maybe he could help her if she could stop hating herself for a moment.

Genre: Romance, Humour

October 20, 2010

Meeting Blake Hudson


Olivia Brandlaw is the average 16 year old with a burning passion for exploring and travelling all around the world. Every summer , Olivia and her best friend , Haley Wathwell seek out for a new set of cities just waiting to be explored . Haley is a devoted fan of the teenage superstar , Blake Hudson who she is currently tracking in hope to actually meet him one day. While Haley scours around the globe to hope of finally meeting her idol , Olivia takes the upper hand of the situation and accompanies Haley with the benefit of also being able to live her dream. As a few summers go by , Olivia is getting bored of this ritual of theirs and has found herself hating Blake Hudson because of her best friend's obsession.This summer however , their ritual finally comes to an end as this summer... they finally get to meet Blake Hudson.

Genre: Teen fiction , Romance , Humour


November 04, 2010

Those Closest To Us


Alina Carson is a beautiful and strong willed girl who Stays true to herself even though she is constantly tested by her less than perfect surroundings. But then again, she does have the help of her best friends Kyson James and Crissa Lopez. It is now senior year and her friends are still loyal to her, but what will happen when one friend starts to grow feelings for another? Will they stick together?

Romance, Teen Fiction

Victoria Rose
November 16, 2010

Don't Say a Word


Don't say a word is a coming of age story, about one girl struggling against the rest of the world to learn how to put her abusive past behind her and begin to trust those who matter. Hazel may have left 'that summer' behind, but even with hundreds of miles between her and what she calls home, she can't quite keep her past from her mind. Silenced by her memories, will she be able to learn to live again?

Teen fiction, Romance

January 05, 2011

Title: School of Secrets (working title - I know it sucks)

link: http://www.wattpad.com/892140-school-of-secrets-working-title-i-know-it-sucks

When Willa Grey's great aunt dies, she leaves a large amount of money for her to attend the school she went to as a teenager. But when Willa gets there she begins to realise that "The Hardwicke Academy for Refined Ladies and Gentlemen" is a really scary place, just not in the way she thought. The lives of her, and all the students are in the wicked hands of the principal, Elizabeth Hardwicke, a twisted woman who wants the world, and will not give up.

Genre: Science Fiction, Teen Fiction

January 17, 2011

title: The Immortals


Summary:Penelope has suffered a great loss, with her Family. Especially her own blood and soul...Esmeralda. When she met Erik a while back, she knew there was something very strange about him, but couldn't figure out how? As Penelope travels to dangerous paths trying to find Why her Parents death had came so drasitcally. She needs help with only one person she despises the first time she met him. Damon. Damon the handsome good features. His mysterious electrifying blue eyes, that would make any girl fantasies to be in his arm. While on her journey Erik is on his own. But he has disappear and Penelope has to choose whether to find her Old friend. Or return her parents back from the day she watched them die.

Genre:Teen Fiction, Paranormal

February 03, 2011

Title: ♥Find Me♥
Link: http://www.wattpad.com/966372-%E2%99%A5find-me%E2%99%A5
Summary: Ashley first met Kane in the seventh grade. Kane didn't exactly notice her then, just another friend of his sisters. They never really talked or socialized. So when she goes missing, why does she leave Kane her last message?
Genre: Romance/Mystery

March 06, 2011

Title: Find Me

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/1060797-find-me

Summary: After years of abuse at the hands of her step father, Dahlia reaches breaking point one night and steps off from a 500ft high cliff, right into her new life it would seem.....
Pulled into a life of mystery, suspence, love and family, who knew living with Werewolves would be the best and worst thing that could ever happen to her...

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action

March 10, 2011

Title: Mindset


Summary: Dakota Freely just wants to be alone. She doesn't want to talk about her past and what changed the outgoing peppy girl to a confined girl who hardly talks. And she most definitely does not want anything to do with Matteo Sith. But what happens when he and his sister manage to become part of her life? And when she starts doing something she hasn't done in a while; feel.

Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction.

July 09, 2011

Title: Nothing Ever Lasts
Link: http://www.wattpad.com/1530864-nothing-ever-lasts
Summary: What happens if you choose to start over to save the ones you love? What happens if you planned your own death? Well that's what Kathrine Andrew, but the thing; is how do you ever get away from the people who've been with you forever?
Genre: Teen fiction, thriller

July 10, 2011

TITLE: The Brotherhood of Vengeance

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/1555288-the-brotherhood-of-vengeance-psychological

Summary: I would like to introduce you to the story of Jace Anaheim, yes, the son of the billionaire Jeffrey Anaheim. In this literal epidemic, without room for purging, Jace is about to undergo the wrath of family secrets on his self-journey. What Jace knew his whole life will change and nothing will be reversible or forgivable. Unfortunately, Jace's life span is cut short due to an 'unidentifiable' disease. Or is it? This story could be true or false. The only matter is whether you can keep up.

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller

August 15, 2011

Title: We're Screwed...Royally Screwed

Finally high school is over; Victoria and her friends make a stupid decision that screws them over... and over again. Ending her and her friends in a jail cell then stuck with a egotistic guy from her past...

Genre: Humor/Romance

August 20, 2011

Title : Bulletproof Heart
Link : http://www.wattpad.com/2017227-bulletproof-heart

About: Ally Mackson isn't your typical 17 year old girl. Her father dies from an overdose, leaving her to live with her Aunt Lilly and her cousin/bestfriend Clarissa. This also means starting a new school. But Ally doesn wanna become popular or make loads of new friends. Nope. She wants to just blend in and get through her sophomore year without drama, and she sure doesn't want to fall for a boy. In other words: Shes made her heart bulletproof practically, so now nobody can hurt her. Everything is going according to plan- until she meets Drake Matthews, that is.

Genre : Teen Fiction / Humor

September 13, 2012

TITLE: Remember Me
LINK TO YOUR STORY:http://www.wattpad.com/story/1041425-remember-me
SUMMARY:Rose-Mary Bloomwood is a small town country girl who would rather spend her days working on the farm then daydreaming about silly things like love. In her eyes relationships never lasted and love was just a myth. But what happens when Eric Parker, a young man with amnesia, stumbles into her life and makes her question everything she once believed to be true. Slowly she starts to trust him, but when that trust turns to love will Rose-Mary be able to alter her beliefs and make room in her life for Eric?

Her world is turned upside down as she struggles to get to know a man, who doesn't remember where he came from or who he was before coming to the farm. Boys, gangs, amnesia and chicken chases are just a few of the things Rose-Mary with encounter as she tries to come to terms with love and all the obsticals that surround it.
But with her trust being broken by Eric, one day and the truth is out, Rose-Mary feels stupid to have fallen for one of cupids tricks again. She didn't know why she fell in love after knowing it wasn't even real and the love never lasts for eternity.

Rose-Mary tries to forget all about Eric but she knew she couldn't be mad at him forever. But what happens when they get back together, will this be their happy ever after or will there be tragedy waiting ahead?

GENRE │Romance│Humor│


September 23, 2012

padalaw naman po yung sa akin


December 01, 2012

Story- Lola and The Mad Man in a Box
Link- http://www.wattpad.com/story/3229005-lola-and-the-mad-man-in-a-box
Summary- A Doctor Who fan fiction- When Lola hears the bangs of the night, She grabs her Baby sister and beloved cat too go to see the bangs. But when she sees a Mad Man at the bottom of her stairs, She enters his box to saftey and adventure.
Genre- Fanfiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi

March 24, 2013

Hey (:
Story- Perks of Being a Teenage Heartbreak
Link- http://www.wattpad.com/story/4747913-perks-of-being-a-teenage-heartbreak-harry-styles
Summary- Valentina Heritage (or Val, like everyone call her) . Queen of soft grunge & the entire school of Bridge Water High . She isn't afraid of anything, & lost all her fucks YEARS ago . She loves using her popularity to it's full advantage, that is for example, being a little cute whore that can make EVERYONE send death threats to someone who even SEEMS LIKE they're trying to start shit with her. But one day, she meets the new kid. Well he isn't really new he's been here for a month but she doesn't really pay attention. He has a little reputation similar to hers. But he's so different from everyone else! Heartbreaker + Heartbreaker = ? . Read on to find out ..
Genre- Fanfiction, Romance

May 23, 2013

Story- Destiny (One Shot)
Summary- A girl named Lorraine is a student high school student. She's lazy. She has a secret crush on her classmate, named Venjo. They're a total opposite. Will Venjo feel the same way that Lorraine feels? As they said, opposite attracts. Two different persons.... Destined for each other?
Genre- Romance (Tagalized), Humor, Teen Fiction, Short Story

June 16, 2013

TITLE: You Killed My Boyfriend

LINK: http://www.wattpad.com/story/6150943-you-killed-my-boyfriend

SUMMARY: 16 Year old, Jennifer Sean, a laid back lifeguard at the Smith Heaven Private Pool, deals with boredom from a day to day basis. Until a new employee, Rick Rivers walks in and sweeps Jennifer off her feet, which results in their summer romance. But what happens when the teen couple goes to a party on their Saturday night out, and someone murders Jennifer's beloved Boyfriend, Rick? Who's to blame when Jennifer goes on a hunt to find the killer.

GENRE: I Romance I Mystery I Thriller I

July 01, 2013

Title: Last 3 words for you: I love you (One Shot)

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/19599555-last-3-words-for-you-i-love-you-one-shot

Summary: Story about a girl who fell inlove with her bestfriend. Will her bestfriend feel the same way?

Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction, Short Story

November 20, 2013

Title: Sparks Fly

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9951886-sparks-fly

Philip, coming from a summer break is faced with the reality of going back to school. Waking up late on the first day, a series of unfortunate events followed as he rushed his way to beat the school bell. Drowning from all the negative emotions. What he thought was the worst day of his life, might be the start of the change he have been waiting all this time. As he discovers the tricks of growing up, falling in love and building trust; his fight with his personal demons remains shady. Not until he met some one, a stranger from a mystery that will help him discovery his true identity.

A story about love, self discovery, coming out and family.

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, Gay Love,

November 20, 2013

Title: Sparks Fly

Link: Title: Sparks Fly

Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/9951886-sparks-fly

Philip, coming from a summer break is faced with the reality of going back to school. Waking up late on the first day, a series of unfortunate events followed as he rushed his way to beat the school bell. Drowning from all the negative emotions. What he thought was the worst day of his life, might be the start of the change he have been waiting all this time. As he discovers the tricks of growing up, falling in love and building trust; his fight with his personal demons remains shady. Not until he met some one, a stranger from a mystery that will help him discovery his true identity.

A story about love, self discovery, coming out and family.

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, Gay Love,

Read more: http://wattpad-catalog.blogspot.com/2010/03/submit-your-story.html#ixzz2lDPDGybZ

Philip, coming from a summer break is faced with the reality of going back to school. Waking up late on the first day, a series of unfortunate events followed as he rushed his way to beat the school bell. Drowning from all the negative emotions. What he thought was the worst day of his life, might be the start of the change he have been waiting all this time. As he discovers the tricks of growing up, falling in love and building trust; his fight with his personal demons remains shady. Not until he met some one, a stranger from a mystery that will help him discovery his true identity.

A story about love, self discovery, coming out and family.

Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, Gay Love,

November 23, 2013

Title:Kissing Strangers

"This is ridiculous! i can't believe you guys are making me do this"
"Yeah well, do you want to find him or not?"
"Yeah but-"
"Then stop bitching and let's do this!"
I shook my head as I stared at my 'so called' best friends.
I Riley Alysson Price was about to make one of the most stupid and crazy decisions in my life, possibly resulting in injuries, embarrassment and maybe, just maybe a boyfriend.

When Riley attends her schools masquerade ball with her friends, she is less than thrilled to be the only one without a date. That is until she meets a certain stranger who captures her heart in dance and conversation, stealing a kiss along the way. Unable to forget him, Riley is now on a mission to find the mysterious stranger. The problem is, he was wearing a mask and not exchanging names or numbers didn't help either. So now that leaves Riley stuck with a list of guys at her school who attended the masquerade ball. Her brilliant plan: kiss every one on that list. Will Riley find that mysterious stranger? Or will she fall in love with another along the way?

Teen Fiction/ Romance/ Humor

November 23, 2013


Ttitle: Sugar Rush

Wesley Adams is in basic terms, a nerd. Her high intellect had cast her into the shadows of high school making her presence go unnoticed, all until one fateful day everything changes.
Wesley is many things. She's intelligent, funny, energetic, sarcastic and probably the sassiest girl you'll find at Silverdale high, but only if she lets you. She's also madly addicted to sweets, and one thing Wesley knew for certain was that she would let nothing come between her and her sugary treats of goodness. So when her last packet of skittles gets stolen from her bag at school one day, all hell breaks loose.
Suddenly, all eyes are on Wesley as she is cast into the limelight. She's no longer invisible, but she's not so sure that's a good thing. And to think it was all because of one stolen skittles, and one infamous royal bad boy named Casey Hamilton.

Humor/ Teen Fiction/ Romance

November 25, 2013


Title: Half a Heart

Ryan Hart is on his first year of college trying to pick up all the pieces of his heart and fix his life but he meets someone along the way that will completely change his life. In a complicated love how much can he give up for his love. Will he be able to fix his heart and get up or will he go back to the start and begin from scratch again.

Romance, Teen Fiction, BoyxBoy

January 14, 2014

Heartvone A multiverse story
Eliza Heartvone is mysterious and strange.Her mother is Amy Pond, raised by the Doctor/River in another muliverse.
Fan-Fiction Fantsy

February 08, 2014


TITLE: Dark Angel (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Penelope, a normal yet hard working girl, comes to New York to attend New York University where she meets a really sweet boy named as Marcel but at the same time she comes across a dashing yet dangerous guy named as Harry. Penelope is madly falling in love with both of them, or maybe one? Who knows...

Fan Fiction, Romance, Love, Friendship, Suspense

February 22, 2014


Miles is just your below than average geek who lives as roomates with his popular childhood friend, Joey. One day Joey brings home a very strange girl that has very supernatural purposes for Miles.

fantasy, mystery, supernatural, suspense, action

June 26, 2014

Title- Divergent High

Link- http://www.wattpad.com/52798258-divergent-high

Summary- When Beatrice Prior goes to a new school everything changes. She gives herself a new name which is Tris. She also meets a guy who's name is Four and a guy who's name is Uriah. They both fight for tris' heart. Will Four win her over. Will Uriah. Will she decide to be alone. Or will she choose a someone else. Find out Tris' story and who she ends up with. I'm sorry I'm horrible at these things

Genre- Romance

June 26, 2014

Title- Mermaids

Links- http://www.wattpad.com/47991785-mermaids

Summary- When adalyn turns 15 something unexpected happens. She wakes up on the sand in a beach. The problem is she can't remember anything.when she gets wet she gets scales and flippers. Then the flippers turn into a tail!

Genre- Teen Fiction

June 26, 2014

Title- Life

Link- http://www.wattpad.com/44086455-Life

Summary- Gabby goes to West Jr.High. She is that type of girl where no boy ever takes interest in her. Until she meets Kaden and Lucas. they both fight hard for her heart. They will do anything. She started to fall for one of them. Which one will she choose? Which one will she leave behind?

Genre- Romance

August 15, 2014

Title - Denali in Hiding

Link - http://www.wattpad.com/62916097-denali-in-hiding

Summary - Seventeen-year-old Denali can lift trucks with her mind and see remote locations on a whim, but these skills won’t save her if the American Psi Council discovers she is trying to prevent a bombing in Washington, DC.

Genre - Teen Fiction

James Villinger
November 27, 2014

Acolytes: A Caste for Control

In the sandy wastelands of planet Seron, a seemingly unending war rages between the male and female factions. Their brainwashed soldiers and super-powered Acolytes are sent into enemy territory to kill or capture, all in the name of gender superiority.

Amid the turmoil, the neutral Nomadic peoples of the desert place their hope in Sacet, a young Nomadic girl with the ability of teleportation, to help unite their people against the dominion threat. However, her journey is cut short after being ambushed by the enemy. Suspenseful, action-packed, and filled with intimidating and powerful characters, Sacet’s story is one of loss, struggle, and overcoming the impossible.

Genre - Science Fiction

December 08, 2014

Route 99


A story of a 16 year old boy, and his survival and escaping of his soldier patrolled city. being on his own, he finds a note left behind that guides him out of the city.

Genre- adventure action

January 06, 2015

This is a really good idea! Follow me on wattpad!

March 03, 2015

Doll face


KC Greyson is the girl who has it all. The perfect family, perfect boyfriend and a scholarship to PRATT to study something she loves : Architecture.
Yet underneath that pretty little cover is the broken girl with the drunk mother, cheating father and stoner brother. But no one needs to know, all she's got to do is act her part to keep up the perfect life. For KC, it's a full-time job keeping home away from school.
Introduce Caleb Sanders. Mission high's resident bad boy, mystery guy, rudest person alive and to KC, the most determined son of a gun. Caleb's breaking down all the walls she sets up. Will she let him or will she be forever stuck as a fraud?


May 03, 2015

The Missing Piece To My Puzzle


Scarlett Benson had never been the social person. Complete opposite of a people person. She didn't care for stereotypes and didn't care who ever you were, she would give you a piece of her mind.
Her brother however was a polar opposite, he was popular everywhere he stepped foot in. What happens when Scarlett's dad gets a massive promotion making her move half way across the country and she has to make new friends meaning she needs to be ... Social. And what will happen when the most stubborn girl in the world meets the most stubborn guy in the world??

Has Scarlett really found the missing piece to her puzzle called life?
by skye hat

November 07, 2015

Tear dropper
It basically is a book full of sad stories every chapter is a different story

January 13, 2016

My FRIEND Brother.

What Do You Do If Your Friend Brother is crushing on you and you just got out of a current relationship?? What If Your Friend Did something and y'all to get into a fight and all the secrets come out ?? Find Out In The Mysterious Story

Teen Fiction. Hurt. Secrets

January 20, 2016

Soul Light

This is a story that is also a significant part in a series that I'm working on.

There exists a book, another world, and a whole lot of mystery when it comes to three seemingly unconnected individuals. But once you remember the most important thing about your life, the universe works with all its spirit to never let you forget it. This is exactly what happened two three innocent individuals drifting through life just as you or I.

The material came to me from the very same mystery that surrounds these individuals. However that doesn't make them any less real does it? Either way I felt that if I could share this with others they might be able to get swept away by the adventure as I was while writing it.

I'd love to hear feedback good or bad. Please remember this is the first version of an unedited manuscript to say the least. Besides all that, there seems to be a spirit that resides with the story.

You can tell me for yourself.



January 28, 2016
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January 28, 2016

On The Ambits Of Austria

Book I


Lilly Meyer is a rich 17 year old girl,living in a mansion by the Salzkammergut mountains, in Austria. She lives with her father, and her 3 sisters. Lilly was the eldest of her sisters; Hannah,Isabel,Magdalena. But Lilly's father tragically dies,and with that, the family loses all their luxuriance, and gain poverty. Lilly and her sisters are offered to go live with Rich Aunt Ruby,now that they have nothing and no one to live with. Lilly's sisters accept, although Lilly does not want to go live with mean Aunt Ruby, so she wants to start her own life,by going to work as a maid in a mansion,and there she meets her true love,Allistaire Welsh.

Though she's deluded when it comes to know that Allistaire does'nt love Lilly, but Josephine Adams, daughter of the mayor of Milan. Lilly does everything she can to show Allistaire she loves him,but it does not work. Suddenly an unexpected guest enters the mansion, and falls in love with Lilly, but Lilly's eyes are set upon Allistaire. Horrible things happen to poor Lilly Meyer but, somewhere, there must be a path that leads her to happiness.


This is the first book of the Austrian Series. I would really appreciate that at least SOMEONE wrote a comment, whether good or bad. Well, I have two votes on it, I think. But it doesn't suit me, because my friend and my teacher voted for it. But I want someone totally different, to say their own opinion. I look at other people's story, and I envy them. They have like, 700K views and reads, and votes. I wish things would go on differently. Actually, if it were for me, I don't want people to like, say something positive, if I knew if it is good or not. That's why I need a comment, to say; is it good, or bad? If I would know it is bad, then I wouldn't be expecting much. I would just leave it and probably write a different story. Thanks for understanding.


Read more: http://wattpad-catalog.blogspot.com/2010/03/submit-your-story.html#ixzz3yYfUUcLs

October 25, 2016
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November 04, 2017

Knight Without Faith

Hi guys, I have no idea how to explain this 'story', but fine.

Fire, death, blood and violence. All you need to know is here. Being lost, found, created and broken. Slaves? Knights? Warriors? Or all of the above. What they were, are, and will be, is what you will find out soon.

DISCLAIMER: Most of characters are my oc's, only ones who are created by others are knights and some more. Maybe some other creatures too.

Here is the description:

Extreme Knight is a knight.One of the strongest species of the time known. Thrown away by his creator on a random place, Extreme Knight meets someone who he never forgot. Rubi and her family are living on a planet Enigma. Far in the galaxies nobody explored. Her brother Vimses and parents are living in a village. When Rubi meets Extreme Knight at her planet she is ready to take him to her home. Extreme Knight becomes a member of Rubi's family.

One day when kids are grown teenagers something wrong happens. Rubi wakes up with her eyes hurting and then she sees something ain't okay. She manages to escape and find her siblings. Extreme Knight is taken to the place where his more siblings are. Different than ones before, he manages to friend them and get along. Still not letting go of what happened, he struggles between everything. Slavery, death, pain, blood. One day when he was at forest he found something he would never forget and was afraid of. He has been through many things nobody will ever notice. Pain, heart-breaking, torture, slavery and so much more.

Read more at the link above.

November 04, 2017

Promise In The Sky

Rachel lives in orphanage from her 11 years when her parents passed away, till her 16 years. No one seemed to buy her, till one day when one quite nice family passed through the big doors of orphanage, they liked her and she liked them, they agreed to adopt her, Rachel said last goodbyes to her friends and promised them she will she them once again. She lives with her new family and finds out that they are shape shifters, is she really different then them or not at all?

Genre: Mistery, Teen Fiction, Adventure

January 11, 2018

True north learnings will teach communication classes to improve your communication & personality skills & makes you to run your life in a successful path.

August 08, 2018

My Dark Addicition

colson lived an almost too perfect life of wealth, health, and women but what happens when his family suffers a tragic death from a gunshot to the heads. will he let the obsession of wanting revenge take over him or will he finally let go and let them rest in peace?

December 12, 2018

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